In Synergy Enterprise, you have the ability to create Items that will be only in Synergy and never transferred back to a back office, such as Macola EM10.

These items may have Serial Numbers attached to themselves.  For Example, we may have an Item labeled “Trucks.”  Under the Serial Numbers from the Item Card hyperlink, we could be presented with a series of the “Trucks”, each having their own specific “Items: Serial Number” card.

Items and Serial Numbers are available and can be used in creating / modifying Workflow Requests.  Using the Items and Serial Numbers will allow the requests to be created and stored on both the Item Card for visibility of all of your serial numbers and their related requests.

Documents may also be linked to Items and Serial Numbers.  Under the Document Types, you will see a field under the “Synergy Links” tab that says “Serial Number”.  Select the field from the drop down box that is appropriate for you.

Discover how this functionality can assist you with your Internal Synergy.