In HRM, under each Resource – there is a section called “Skills.”  This allows a Resource to enter New Skills and have an unlimited number saved and displayed.  It is even possible to find Resources that have a specific skill set with a Synergy Resource Search.

In real use, this function is not robust enough for many organizations.  The reasons for this include:

1.  There is no master listing of skills to select from.  Each skill must be created each and every time a resource should have another skill entered into the database.

2.  With no listing, if errors are made in the spelling, your searches may not display accurate information.

3.  The Log functionality is the only method to see who and when additional skills were added.

My suggestion for organizations that wish to use functionality for storing skills with their Synergy, do not use the out-of-the-box solution.  Instead, follow these steps:

1.  Create a Product Assortment (possibly labeled Skills)

2.  Create Items in Synergy (Word Proficiency, Excel Proficiency, etc) which are meaningful to your organization.

3.  Create a workflow requests with the Item 1 field being used to select only items within this specific assortment.

4.  Create a SSRS report and either link it to the reports hyperlink in your Monitor section or use our Report on Cards Tool to place the SSRS report directly on the Resource Card (no hyperlink to view information)

5.  Create a second SSRS report that allows searching by Resources or Skills for the data stored in the absence table.