I saw this article on the Exact Portal this morning. I have had this happen to me on our systems. This nuinance message may appear on your machines.

Question – Why do I get the question to update the SOI while I already have the latest version installed?

Answer – Despite the fact that already the latest version of the Synergy Office Integration (SOI) is installed, I still keep getting an update question. The complete message is “There is an update available. Do you want to download the latest version?”. When you click “Yes” the SOI is working fine.

This message can be caused by the fact that the user has no, or insufficient rights to the CAB directory within the directory where Exact Synergy Enterprise is installed. This directory contains the CAB installation files of the SOI. Due to the fact that the user can not access that folder, the version can’t be checked. The solution is to grant the users who make use of the SOI, at least read-only rights to this folder.

Open Windows explorer and go to the directory where Exact Synergy Enterprise is installed.

> Zoom to the CAB folder.
> Right Click the folder and choose “Properties”.
> Open the tab security.

There you will see the users and what rights he or she has.
Make sure that the users or usergroups that work with the SOI have at least “read” rights.