On an Account Card under the Marketing section, there exists a field labeled “Source”.  This field is used to identify the creation of a new account in Synergy (All Types) and how they were acquired.  This field may be used for reporting purposes, such as was this an Account entered as a result of a mailing campaign, specific mailing campaign, Trade Show and other types of activities that allow for these new entries.

Out-of-the-Box Synergy Enterprise comes with a few examples.  You may use them, edit them or delete them provided no accounts have this field in current use).  The only field requirement is that this is a 3 digit alphanumeric field, but you should use less than the total possible values in your Synergy application.

Customer (Account) Pivot Analysis has this field available, so that queries on this field are easily created.  Use this field to help analyze the acquisition on new Accounts in ESE.