Start Pages ( Workspaces, Dashboards or whatever you call your screens) should be created and passed to make an Employee’s use of Synergy easy and uncomplicated.

Working with one of our new EM10 customers, they wish to begin the process of moving the creation of new Accounts from the Back Office to Synergy.  We created a very simple start page for only the functions that they will use with their job in Synergy to begin with.  See this example for only entering Accounts, each with their own hyperlink aand searching for Accounts.


As the employee becomes accustomed to the new functionality that EM10 can provide, more & more functions will be added to both the Start Page and to their use with Synergy.  To begin with, they want to keep it very simple.  This will help their employees that have been using older software to look forward with their experiences with EM10 & Synergy, making this a process of change for their business.