Great documentation from Exact Software can be very useful but difficult to find occasionally.  Exact’s document 18.127.062.  When new documents are added, a new version is created with the same hyperlink.  I find that documents frequently change throughout the year and especially just before and during the first weeks of a new product release.  It is necessary that you frequently visit this web page to look for and download updated documentation.

This document includes downloads for these manuals:

  1. Central Master Data Management (CMDM – used by Globe Customers)
  2. Service Management (primarily used by Globe Customers, we are exploring its use with Macola EM10)
  3. SQL Reporting Server Integration
  4. Customers
  5. Implementation
  6. Professional Services Automation (PSA – primarily used by Globe Customers, we can make it work with Macola EM10)
  7. HRM
  8. Financial (used by Globe Customers)
  9. B2B E-Commerce Portal (used by Globe Customers)
  10. E-Business Portal (Portals in ESE)