As a user with the proper security, you have the ability to create Synergy Only Items. Through background jobs (such as ASImport), these new items are never moved to the back office, such as EM10, Macola ES, Macola Progression, JobBoss, MAX or Exact Online.

How can you use these items? A few ways that our customers use them include:

> A distributor that adds approximately 1,000 new items a year that they show to buyers trying to entice them to purchase. Less than .5% of those items are ever sold, so there is no need to create the item in the back office. It would only clutter the database. They download these items into Synergy along with photos / specifications and allow their sales staff to show customers this data. If orders need to be created, the back office item is created. Their sales persons are well informed and have a single data source for all items which they sell or offer.

> Manufacturers that need to manage their precision measuring devices (gages / Calipers / Micrometers) and track all of the testing and certification documentation can use this functionality. Again this function never moves back to your back office software, as these items are an asset and probably would never be sold to customers.

> Within Requests in the selection field, you are limited to 1,000 characters. Although it seems like enough characters for drop downs, many users find that it will not work. In this case, create Synergy Only Items for each of the drop down values. If more are needed in the future for the drop down selection, creating a new items will add it to the listing.

For more ideas with Synergy Only Items, contact your Synergy consultant.