Very few users are aware of the fact that users can create synonyms in Synergy and use them for searches in documents, attachments and workflow requests.

As an example, you wish to use the word “Synergy” and create a synonym as “ESE”. Everytime a search is done, Synergy will look for all words that are either “Synergy” or “ESE” and report them in the search results.

Synonyms are created in the path of System / Setup / Full-Text Index / Synonyms. Word #1 is the word that you are creating a synonym for. Word #2 is the synonym.

Reports showing a list of words and associated synonyms are located in the path of System / Reports / Synonyms / Overview. As with many Synergy search functions and reports, the user can select the search icon and change it to “Starts with”, “Contains” and “Equal to”.

The Word Index Background Job must be running to index these synonyms into Synergy files.

This feature may be extremely important when other individuals in the organization abbreviate words common to their job in a workflow request comment field. You should find many uses for this hidden function within Synergy.