I like to suggest that System Administrators take a step backwards on how their organization is using Synergy Enterprise at this time of the year.  Plan out your next processes to be implemented in Synergy and speak to a Synergy Consultant about the new functions that have been added over the years.

It has been tough for me to keep up to date with Synergy changes, and I am already working with Version 256 and learning the new features.

As an example, I had a call from a Synergy customer that wanted to be able to have links for more than one Synergy Enterprise Document to be saved and displayed in a single workflow request.  They thought they could only use the Document field.  A five minute discussion on the use of GUIDs has now made them aware of this field and how it can be used to extend other entities, such as Accounts, Contacts, Documents, Items, Projects, Requests, Resources or Assortment.

This information can be found in various Exact Support Documents, but they may be hard to find and keep up with (especially with new versions).  Our organization regularly creates new manuals, and newer documents, such as our “Effectively Using the Fields within Requests (Version 255 of Synergy Enterprise) would have provided this information easily.  (a $75 investment).

A knowledgeable Synergy Consultant can save you a lot of time, grief and dollars as you plan your projects for 2016 and begin deployment.  Speak to them with your ideas, and see if new functionality that you could use is in a newer version, or if it has been in the software for a while.

Also take a look at the tools that Synergy Consultants have previously created.  There is no need for an organization to recreate functionality that is already available and debugged.

That’s my tip of the Day.