The TemplatingTool.exe configuration tool allows you to reliably export configuration data such as request types, document types, individual documents, CRM, and opportunities from an Exact Synergy Enterprise test environment and import it to your Live system.

The tool may be found in your Synergy / Bin directory.  The tool follows a step by step process.

Information that is available with this tool includes:

  • Workflow Requests
  • Document Types
  • Documents
  • Account Company Sizes
  • Account Sectors
  • Account Subsectors
  • Account Sources
  • Opportunity Sources
  • Opportunity Contact Roles
  • Opportunity Reasons Lost

All hyperlinks between the configuration data are retained during the export and import process.  When using this tool, it may be required to changes some of the XML file details when moving from one system to another, such as separate Synergy sites.

Your Synergy Consultant may provide valuable assistance on this tool.