In Synergy Enterprise, you are able to view and manage the terms that are in the software.  This functionality done by your System Administrator can make an implementation go smoother.

As an example, your organization calls your staff members Employees or Associates.  Synergy call them Persons.  Synergy will allow you to make this change globally.

But first, a caveat.  In some cases, you may make a change and find that change affects some other portion of Synergy verbage that you did not want changed using the same word or phrase.  So be mindful of this fact when terms.  You may have to set the term back to the original value.

In standard Synergy, there are approximately 60,000 terms that can be modified.  And those are the terms in American English.  Add up all of the languages in Synergy Enterprise (there are 37 currently) and you find that there is alot of flexibility in the terms for the software.

A System Administrator may modify as many terms as desired in Synergy.  They may do so by using the path of System / Terms / Search.  Enter in a term and click the Refresh button.  You may find the same word being used in multiple terms, such as this example from our system for the word “Account”.

Click on the hyperlink with the appropriate Term that you wish to modify.  Enter the new value that you wish to modify the term to.  Finally, click on the Save button.  That is all there is to do to modify terms in ESE.