This tip comes from Cees Meuleman who is a Sr. Consultant at VCD CSS (a Netherlands Reseller of Exact Software).  I have shared some of his other tips via our Tip of the Day.

He has presented us with some code that when used will turn a free field in a request into a hyperlinked field, such as a website.  It will work with a Synergy internal URL, however the entire URL (which means nothing to most users) will appear and they will not be familiar with it.

To use this code, create a text field 1 in a workflow request.  Leave it blank, except you probably want to add a label text such as “Enter Your Hyperlink”.  The next value that you enter into the definition of the request is the sections tab.  You probably want to label the text with our non-character display of “&nbsp” which was a previous tip.

Enter this code into the Note section:

– – – – – – – – –

<script type=”text/javascript”>
$(document).ready(function() {
var l=document.getElementById(‘FreeTextField_01’).value;
var rt2=”<a href=http://”+l+ ” target=_blank>” +l+ “</a>”;
if (l==null){
var l2=document.getElementById(‘FreeTextField_01’).innerHTML;
var rt=”<a href=http://”+l2+ ” target=_blank>” +l2+ “</a>”;
});</script><div id=”My”></div>

– – – – – – –

If you use any other text field other than 01, you will have to go into the script and modify it for the field you are using.  I have bolded the changes that you will need to make.

If you need to add parameters to this URL from other fields within the request, then I recommend that you look at our Tool for Free Fields with URLs for Requests.  This tool will als0 work well with URLs that include parameters to internal Synergy data.