Although this is not a new function, I am amazed by the comments that I hear from End Users that want this feature added to Synergy.  When I tell them it is there, their faces gain a smile.

What is this function?  When a user begins typing while in searchable input field, the system will provide a series of suggested values.  As you enter into characters into the search, filtering occurs narrowing the search possibilities.  This can simplify the entry of this type of information in the search. If no value in Synergy has those characters, you will view the Suggestion as “No Data Found”

How to Enable this Function!  Under the Preferences hyperlink, a System Administrator will go to the “Corporate (Settings)” tab on the Customize screen.   Under this tab, you will find the Browser Section.  In this area, there is a field ” Show Suggestion” that has a checkbox next to the value.  Check to enable this option for all users.

As a bonus to this functionality, the suggested values will also show recently used values, should you wish to go back to a previous selection.