In Synergy Enterprise, it is possible to create up to ten new documents from documents that are downloaded from a local drive.

To upload Documents in a Bulk Process means that you can add up to ten files as Document Attachments. Each new document to be uploaded will create a new Synergy document with an attachment.

Uploading is started at Document / Entry / Bulk Uploader.  There is a four step process:

1.  Determine your requirements.  In this Post, we will discuss only the “Upload Document Attachments.”

2.  Select the files that will be stored in ESE (as document attachments)

3.  Define the Attributes, such as Document Type, Security Level, Account and other fields.

4.  View the results of this Uploading process.

In the Status field on the results pages, there are two possibilities (Success or Failure).  If successful, you will see the Document ID on the results page.