I am often asked this question about Accounts in Synergy.  Do I use just:

1.  Customers and Prospects


2. Customers, Prospects, Leads and Suspects

In most cases, organization attempt to keep their Synergy CRM very simple to use and they select the first option.  Using this option, Prospects are entered into Synergy whenever you may buy a mailing list, attend a trade show and have a list of participants or they have contacted you with an inquiry about your services.  They are managed as prospects irregardless of the amount of interest they currently have with your products and services.  When they express true interest, a sales opportunity is created for them and they are tracked.

Other organizations have said to me, they want to see statuses change as progress on these accounts are made.  This is when I propose to them the second option.

Suspect (a list entered into Synergy for future followup)

Lead (someone who has asked for more information, but is not committed to moving forward, just exploring, as they may say)

Prospect (have asked for demonstrations, asking a lot of questions on your products / services or seeking a quote)

My personal choice is the first option.  Simple to manage for me and other staff members.  It is best to speak about this topic with your Synergy Implementor, who can discuss the pros and cons with you in depth.