When searching in ESE, you may find that the same criteria may be used often.  Using the Favorites Functionality won’t work with searches.  This is when you need to create Search Templates.

Search Templates can be created in:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Workflow
  • Documents
  • Projects
  • Items

Is this a Template that others within your organization can use?

If No, you can create a Private template which can be viewed only by the creator of the template

If Yes, you need to make a Public Template which has four different options available:

  • Public: All (Templates are viewable by all Resources)
  • Public: Group (Templates are viewable by Resources in the same group as the creator)
  • Public: Division (Templates are viewable by Resources in the same division as the creator)
  • Public: Cost Center (Templates are viewable by resources in the same cost center as the creator)

The Search Templates can be used on Start Pages.  To find the URL for the Start Page, click on the Template desired.  Once the Template is displayed, right click your mouse and copy the URL  (Just start the URL at the ASPX Page, eliminating the path before hand).