In ESE, Function Rights help to determine what Resources are allowed to create, view or edit.  Eash ASPX page (screen) has different Function Rights available..  In some pages, there exists multiple Function Rights used.  On an Account Card, one Function Right is used to Change an Account Status, while a second is used to change the Type of the Account.  There are 18 different Function Rights that affect the Account Card  page (CRMAccountCard.aspx)

To find the Function Rights for a specific page, you can do one of two actions:

1. Hover over the hyperlink and find the name of the page by viewing “?????.aspx”
2. Go to the page and right click on the Mouse to examine the Properties of the page where you will find the name of the page by viewing “?????.aspx”

Once you have copied the name of the ASPX page, go to the path in ESE of System / Setup / Security / Function Rights.  In Version 255 or Greater, you need to use the menu path preceded by the Modules Selection).

Paste or type in the ASPX page Name where it shows Target.  Click on the “Show” button.  The resultant screen will show you which Function Rights are associated with the screen.