If you are in an existing request, an additional button on the top menu is displayed, labeled “Copy”.  You have never tried it and wonder why it is shown on the screen.

Simply put, using this button will allow a Resource to create a new request allowing information to flow from the previous request.  To use this button, there are four easy steps to follow.

1.  Open an existing request and select the Copy button.

2.  Open the new request that you wish to create.  You will select the request from the “Request: New”screen (that you are already familiar with)

3.  A screen will appear that will list all of the fields from the original that are available in the new request.  They will all be checked (selected), but you may wish to uncheck selections and enter that information manually when the new request appears.

4.  Click the “New” button and the request is displayed with the appropriate information from the existing request fields.

Please note that if a field from the original request is not in the new request, it will not be selectable in step 3.