We run across this question quite often.  When should I start using a Sales Opportunity?  There are two options that we discuss, which handles the majority of the decision making process for an organization.

  • When a Sales Quoteis entered into your system
    • Sales Quote for your Back Office Software Integration (Typically your Order Entry Sales Module)
    • Sales Quote not integrated and stored in database for your back office
  • When an Account becomes a Prospect
    • Manually entered into Synergy
    • Uploaded as a result of some Marketing or Lead Generation (such as Dodge Reports for our construction customers)
    • When a change in their status is made (lead to prospect, as an example)

Each of these options can provide valuable data back to their sales and management team members.  Synergy Enterprise can support each of these options (and probably even options that I have not thought of).

This first option assumes that the measure of tracking the effectiveness of the sales person is the number of quotes which are generated and resolved.

For the first major option, you may use the Event Manager to query the data.  For example, if you are on Exact Macola 10, and a sales quote is created (in the back office or the Synergy screens),  the Event Manager can create a new Opportunity.  This needs to be accomplished by running a custom SQL script within the program.  We are planning on creating this script and distributing it as a tool on our website.  You may also create this Opportunity manually, but this may be a time wasting event, if many quotes are created daily / weekly.

This second option assumes that the measure of tracking the effectiveness of the sales person is the number of prospects that are entered into your Synergy and determining the value of them that are actually turned into Customers.  Using this option, you may wish to use the Status of the Account (Active / Inactive / Passive) to track these prospects.  If a prospect is in your database for 6 months or longer and no positive activity has generated the creation of an opportunity / quote, you may elect to turn the account to another status.  You will keep following up with the account, but will be keeping them segregated from the ones which are being monitored more closely.

The second major option provides a couple of answers with this functionality.  A Resource may manually enter a new sales opportunity.  This is simple and easy to accomplish, with minimal training required.

If leads are generated in bulk, such as a Dodge Report – this may become a very time consuming project.  In this case, we are working on an Excel Upload Program (similar to our other Upload Tools for Documents, Resources, Items and Projects) that will automatically create the Sales Opportunity (and even create the Account, if not already in ESE).

If the change in status option would be most valuable to you, then I would recommend the Event Manager SQL script option.

Every organization will have their requirements on when it is best to begin the creation of Sales Opportunities.