If you are like most Resources in an Organization, you often find it hard to accomplish all of the tasks that have been assigned to you daily.  You learn to prioritize.  In Synergy Enterprise, you are able to define which requests that you wish to be notified  and of what “Priority” needs to be defined to warrant immediate actions.

By this statement, I mean that you can ask for Notification to come to you as a result of a specific Request Types and only when a Priority level is High or Urgent.  Otherwise the request will reside in your workflow, but a notification will not be provided.

To use this functionality, Open your Preferences.  At the tab labeled “Workflow” the option “Alert Workflow” should be selected in the Workflow: Pop-Up section. (checked)

In the section “Workflow Settings”, you need to select the Type of Details (Custom).  I have found that once I have checked this, I must save my Preferences and come back into Synergy Preferences.

Underneath the Workflow: Settings section, you will see a new section, labeled “Request Types”.  Use the “Add Button to select the request types that you wish to be added.  For each of the request types, you may also filter the selection by the “Priority” flag in the request to one of the five standard values.

Additionally, you are able to select whether you wish sound to be used for the notification and whether multiple notification will be provided.