From this screen, you are able to gather some good information on the use of Synergy with regards to Resources, Divisions, Groups, Cost Centers, Request Types or Items in a workflow request.  By selecting one of these values, you are able to display the results of the query in four different manners:

Workflow + Days
(This result provides the total number of workflow entries with the average and maximum duration of a workflow request in the various stages.  This view allows drilldowns into the data)

Workflow /Action
(This result provides the total number of workflow entries and displays the stages where they are located in the process)

Workflow / Aging Analysis
(This result displays the total number of requests and the aging of the requests four buckets in which you define the number of days)

Days / Actions
(This results in a display of the average number of days for a request and he number of average days at each status)

Take a look at this view – It may highlight additional workflow alerts for a System Administrator to implement to shorten (if possible) the days needed to complete workflow processes in your organization.