There are some terms being used in the Synergy Enterprise User base that perplex Resources.  In this tip, I will try to explain how these terms (and functions) are used.

Homepage:  This is the screen that appears automatically on your Synergy Enterprise application when you start up the product.  This could be a Document News page or any Homepage (Dashboard) which is designated as your Default.

Startpage:  This is another name (previously used by Exact Software) for Homepages.

Dashboards:  These are additional Homepages that may be added to individual Resource’s Synergy Application.  Through the use of a drop down arrow, Resources may select other Homepages which may be used to provide additional visibility and access to data and actions.

A Resource may only have one Default Homepage, but may have multiple Dashboards.  (On my demo system, I have over 25 different dashboards to assist me in showcasing Synergy functionality)  These dashboards may utilize the functionality of adding widgets (such as Documents, Pivot Analysis or many others) to the different zones displayed on the setup screen.  This screen is displayed on any Dashboard or Homepage with the Customize button.

Exact Macola Configurable Workspace (Workspace):  The Exact Macola business unit has created a series of approximately 40 SSRS Reports that are linked to the Exact Core ERP data (Macola ES or Macola EM10).  Through these reports and views, it is possible to take actions in your back office software with menu links to these backoffice and Core ERP screens.

These workspaces will appear on your Synergy screen when you click onto one of the Workspace icons or Quick Links.

Exact Macola Core ERP:  All of the Macola ES / EM10 screens are now accessible with hyperlinks from Synergy Enterprise screens.  Some of the screens will be Synergy ASPX pages, which through the use of Business Objects allow it to interact directly with the Macola (ES or EM10) Database.  Other screens will actually link a resource to the appropriate Macola (ES or EM10) screen.  Entry to these screens are limited to the access levels and functions which the System Administrator has provided to a Resource.  Some of these predefined workspaces include Executive CEO Workspace, Sales Manager Workspace, Inventory Analyst Workspace, Sales Rep workspace and others.  For more information on these screens, contact your Synergy Implementor.

For Synergy Users without the Macola backoffice products (such as JobBOSS or MAX), the Homepage, Startpage and Dashboard terminology and functionality exists.