One of our clients was writing an SSRS Report trying to combine data from the EM10 database and Synergy Enterprise, linking on the Account.  It was failing, and they asked for assistance.

Even though the table names are the same for the EM10 (or Macola ES) database and Synergy database, the cmp_wwn GUIDS are different.  They were trying to link the tables together with the cmp_wwn field, instead of the correct link of cmp_code.

As an example, of the mismatch:

Synergy cmp_wwn value:                        EEF696CE-6318-4D85-A0E7-D913BA7E0F7E

Macola EM10 cmp_wwn value:              CD78E2C1-4992-4F1C-80F6-1B46FC57E96D

Synergy cmp_code value:                        902

Macola EM10 cmp_code value:              902

Knowing your tables makes it easier to extract information from them.  You may download current database table structures from your Exact Customer Portal, or ask your Synergy Consultant for assistance.