Exact Software created Synergy Enterprise knowing that no single program will fit 100% of every customer’s requirements out-of-the-box.  Most businesses will have some unique requirements that they need for their day to day operations.

We are able to add custom fields, provide screen pop-ups, integrate other software packages, build business rules and display information.

Following Exact’s SDK guidelines, we develop personalizations that make it easy to allow the move from one version of Synergy Enterprise to another.  Exact has examined where customers might need to enhance their product and have added integration touch points that allow personalizations by its business development partners.

An important point to note:  Exact does not allow outside developers to modify source code.  This means that when personalizations have been created, customers may move to newer versions without expensive re-coding of their custom applications. This is quite beneficial to customers, which allows them to keep current with new product enhancements that are delivered by Exact Software.

The list provided on the right hand of this page will provide you with additional information on some of the various types of customizations that  have been completed for other customers.

If you do not see one that fits your specific requirements, a call to us can help determine if a enhancement can be done just for your organization.  Alternatively, one of the Tools that we provide might provide that feature out of the box.  Or require just a slight modification.