portalsHow many times has this happened to you?

I need information from my supplier, such as a copy of their most recent order to me.  But it is after their offices are closed for the evening or worse yet, for the weekend.

If only a customer portal would have been available for me.  It would allow me to search for and find the information without requiring any assistance.  

This would have been the ideal answer for me.  Quite possibly, an idea that I would even consider using during business hours.

Portal functionality is possible with every Synergy Enterprise site.  You may be unaware of its use or “How to Create” the portals that make sense to your organization using your Synergy software application.

We recently completed a manual (available on this website for purchase) providing information and sample templates assisting Synergy users to build and maintain their own portals.  Once the template is built, the security that is built into the portal will ensure that the proper information  for a visitor will be available in real time.

Synergy Enterprise can create these portals:

  • General Public (No Security)
  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Reseller
  • Employee

Workflows can be created by your visitors through the portal can ensure that requested activities can be tracked and completed according to your corporate business processes.