Project managementKeeping all of the moving parts of a project in line and on budget can be quite a challenge.

It is even more difficult if you maintain separate systems for scheduling resources, tracking project tasks, entering time and expense, and billing.

Exact Software brings it all together. All project information – the schedule, transactions, resource planning activities, products, and documents are centrally stored and updated in Synergy.

As a result, the project schedule corresponds with the personal schedules of the project members, and the milestones achieved correspond with their productivity figures.  Everyone who touches the project, from sales to project management to accounts receivable has access to the information they need, anytime, anywhere.

One of our customers uses Projects within Macola ES and Synergy to track activities and results at Trade Shows which they attend.  They track over 200 of the shows annually.  All sales orders that are written at a show are linked to that project, as well as all costs, such as booth space, hotels and other expenses.  As a result of this data in one central repository, they are able to see the revenue and costs of these shows, especially as they plan their marketing activities for the following year.

Other Exact customers use the Project functionality within Synergy to track support calls, ISO certification requirements or other regulatory compliance issues for Sarbanes Oxley.