take_the_challengeEvery business is unique in many ways.  As a Synergy user, you know that the software is a valuable tool in the visibility and organization it can bring to your business.  With any technology, it is advanced by, solving those things that you encounter that would make it just that much more valuable.

Give us your Synergy “Challenge”.  Let us provide a way to get there.

Some examples of “Challenges”, we are looking for your unique issue:
• Creating information on a Card or Workflow Request
• Mandatory fields and how responses are handled through the entry of another field
• CRM or HRM topics specific to your business or industry
• Multiple paths for Workflow that is related to values within fields
• Data Imports to Synergy
• Multiple Approvers for Workflows or Documents

You get the idea, things that take an already great asset to your business and make it even better !

As a Synergy user, you may see an instance of where your organization has challenges and it seems like there should be a solution.

How would you like that Challenge Solved? 
Submit your idea to us on the link below.  Your suggestion may be chosen to highlight the talent available to solve any of the issues that would make Synergy more valuable in your organization.

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What could make that even better?

As a registered organization attendee of the Exact Software Evolve Annual Conference in April, held in Atlanta and if your idea is chosen, you will receive the following:
• Tool or tools to solve your submission will be provided at no charge.  Annual Maintenance will not be billed until 2017.

• Required services outside of basic installation, set-up and training will be charged at a reduced rate from our development partner (GLM Systems), if required.

The selected organization and the solution must agree to be featured in any marketing of the SynergyExpert.com including but not limited to testimonials and other activities.

Note:  All submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted via phone / e-Mail to discuss your organization’s specific needs and solutions that may be available.