> CRM EventPak
> Procurement / Purchase Requisitions
> Preventative Maintenance (Assets)
> Rules Engine for Requests & Cards
> Quality Management
> Time & Billing
> Field Service (Lite)

> Synergy & Phone Integration
> Exact Online Integration with Synergy
> SalesForce Integration with Synergy
> Document Scanning into Synergy

Tools - Workflow Plus
> Additional Free Fields in Workflows
> Hyperlinks in Workflows
> HTML & Formatting in Workflows
> Multiple Approvers in Workflow
> Reports on Synergy Cards
> Reports Within Workflows
> Workflow Request Field Security
> Planned & Multiple Assigning of Workflow
> Workflow Field Available In New Mode Only
> Workflow Reference Fields
> Workflow Browse Fields
> Cascading Prompts with Workflow Fields
> Bulk Updates to Request Fields
> Bulk Actions in Workflow Requests
> Save & Open Button
> Workflow e-Mail Notifications
> Workflow e-Mail
> Multiple Purchase Limits in Requests
> Role Access Levels
> Explorer View on Start Pages within Synergy
> Create Requests from Excel

Tools - Account Management

> Account Code Ranges
> Organizational Relationship
> Customer Comment Tracking
> Zip Code Search
> Product Registration
> Opportunities from Quotes
> Opportunities Plus

Tools – Document Plus

> Use Free Fields When Saving Documents
> Link Multiple Accounts to a Document
> Link Multiple Items to a Document
> Multiple Approvers for Documents

Tools – Importing Plus
> Import Projects into Synergy
> Import Items into Synergy
> Import Sales Opportunities into Synergy
> Import Workflow Requests into Synergy
> Import Employees into Synergy
> Import Documents into Synergy

Tools - Additional Free Fields on Cards
> Sales Opportunities
> Projects
> Accounts
> Contacts

Tools - Human Resources
> Roles Plus
> Employee Training - Recertification
> Tracking of Employee Data for Licenses
> Time Entry Tracking

Tools - Knowledge Management

> KnowledgeBase

Tools - Quality Management

> Gage Certifications

Tools - System Administration

> Recode and Rename

gadgets-as-mere-toolsWorking alongside or just listening to Synergy Enterprise users, we have found a need for additional tools, manuals and training to compliment the implementation of the software.

Our tools, listed on the left side of this screen will either:

>  Shorten the time necessary for common Synergy applications to go “Live”


>  Provide enhancements to Synergy out-of-the-box functionality

Documentation, installation and training is always provided with our tools.  We want all of our customers to become referral accounts to fellow Synergy users.

Our most common tools include:

Novice Synergy Accounts                                                          Advanced Synergy Users

CRM EventPak                                                                                    >  Workflow Browse
Additional Free Fields in Workflows                                          >  Linking Multiple Items to a Document
Reports on Synergy Cards                                                             >  Import Items into Synergy
Reports within Workflows                                                             >  Bulk Updates to Request Fields
Multiple Approvers in Workflow

Assistance is available by selecting hyperlinks to each of these tools.  You will find with these links more information, sales brochure, video, requirements and costs.

Should you have a question or wish to see a demo of any particular tool, contact us through the Assistance button.