Scanning documentsThrough our partnership with ScanSys, we are now able to provide a document scanning product to Synergy Enterprise customers in North America. Throughout Europe, the ScanSys solution has been installed in over 1,000 Synergy sites.

The ImageCapture portion of this tool allows documents to be scanned, saved as searchable PDFS and stored in Synergy. Based upon the setups that are done, you may have an operator view each pdf file and send it to the correct Synergy document type, along with necessary meta data tags.

Alternatively, the files could be placed into a specific file structure and stored in Synergy. Other options include the ability to do bar code or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to save the documents.

Standard Synergy functionaliy such as the use of the Free Text Search can be used once they have been saved. Through the setup of the Document Type, mandatory fields are entered by an operator or automatically through defaults / bar codes / OCR recognition.

Scan and save all of the documents used within your organization to truly have a single source of data accessiable to your employees in Synergy Enterprise.