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caliper111Do you need to track when Calibrations on your precision measuring devices within your manufacturing facility are required and completed?

Do you need to save and have available the Certificates of Compliance for your ISO or Quality Management initiatives from vendors?

If you answer “Yes” to either of these questions, we have developed an EventPak that will assist you.

All of your gages and precision measuring devices are entered into Synergy.  Using Workflows, we will create the schedule for each of the tools requiring calibrations and certs.  When the gage is returned by your vendor, the workflow will be completed and a future calibration event created.

Customers may view much of this information, either on the Item Card or with the reports in the Monitor section of Synergy Enterprise.

We recommend the use of the Logistics Plus Free Fields, which extends the number of Free Fields available on a Gage Item Card screen.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Reports are used to report data, which will allow access to information such as pending certifications required within the next (User Defined Number of) days and certifications that were completed in a specific time frame.

This EventPak uses Synergy Enterprise and the KnowledgeSync Event Manager to create a new workflow for the next calibration date process.   The cost for this tool is $230.