excel workflowThis tool will allow a Enterprise Resource that is behind the scenes to create workflow requests into Synergy from an Excel spreadsheet template.  These requests can utilize the fields within standard Synergy.  You may build as many different types of workflows, using any of the workflow types in your system to fulfill your requirements.

To use this tool, a Resource would complete an Excel Template (provided) and save the spreadsheet in a file directory  The template has been created showing Required fields and notes regarding the information in the fields.  The resource creating this template may copy and paste from other Excel worksheets.

Once the “Import” button is selected, this information will be inserted into tables within the Synergy SQL database.

WF Request

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The KnowledgeSync Event Manager will search the database on a predefined schedule and create the workflows.

Some pre-work with the Event Manager needs to be completed before this tool can be used.  You will need to build the Queries and Events from the download table, to include the selected request types and fields to be entered in the proper field within the request. You will also need to schedule this event, so that KnowledgeSync would periodically search for this information in the tables and act upon it.

Once you have this tool, you will find many uses of auto creating requests from Excel data.

Import Button

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Pricing for this module is $1,250.00.  This module will take approximately one week to be delivered and installed.  We will be building a personalized installer so we will need to know your SQL Server Name, Database Name, SQL login and SQL Password.