doc management 3When saving documents in Synergy which are linked to a specific account, users often run into the issue of being able to link only one item to a single account.

With our tool, you may link a single document to multiple accounts. This will allow Resources to saving documents such as Manuals which can be used by different accounts. These documents will appear in the Monitor section of the Account Card.

The price for this Tool is $955 and Annual Maintenance of $175. We will include 60 minutes of training / installation with this tool.

A Manual is included will help with the self installation process and training of staff with this new functionality. Delivery of this tool will take approximately 7 business days.

This tool requires the addition of the Exact Role – “Enabling Add-On Solutions” for any Resource that is Viewing, Editing or a Participant in a Workflow Request that will be using this functionality. This Role is available at a small cost from Exact Software, and is licensed by individual users. This Role is required for many of our tools and custom applications described on this website.


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