roles In standard Synergy Enterprise you have the option to assign a role to a person with one of the following levels: corporate, group, division, cost center group and cost center. This tool is used to assign workflow requests to Resources based upon these levels.

The new Role Access Level Workflow Plus functionality makes it possible for each role that is linked to a Resource’s to one of these five levels displayed above.

Cost for this enhancement is $1,330. Maintenance of $250 per year. We will include 30 minutes of training / installation assistance with this tool.

Installation by your staff should take approximately 10 minutes. A Manual is included will provide guidance with the self-install process and training of staff with this new functionality. Delivery of this tool will take approximately 7 business days.

This tool requires the addition of the Exact Role – “Enabling Add-On Solutions” for any Resource that is Viewing, Editing or a Participant in a Workflow Request that will be using this functionality. This Role is available at a small cost from Exact Software, and is licensed by individual users. This Role is required for many of our tools and custom applications described on this website.