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Search for data 2Within a Workflow Request, you are now enabled to build a SQL statement and allow this information to be shared with others.

This information could be information such as past sales, dates of previous orders or any other associated type of data.  Columns may be summarized by a Total, Maximum Value, Minimum Value, Averaged or a Count of the values.

You may add buttons on this list to access other Synergy Enterprise ASPX pages.

This tool will provide a System Administrator an quick and easy way to place data into a workflow request for analysis by Resources.

The cost for this tool is $955.  An annual Maintenance of $175 is required for this tool.

A Manual is included will provide guidance with the self-install process and training of staff with this new functionality. Delivery of this tool will take approximately 7 business days. We will include 30 minutes of training / installation assistance with this tool.

This tool requires the addition of the Exact Role – “Enabling Add-On Solutions” for any Resource that is Viewing, Editing or a Participant in a Workflow Request that will be using this functionality. This Role is available at a small cost from Exact Software, and is licensed by individual users. This Role is required for many of our tools and custom applications described on this website.