In your workflow request, you have some fields which only should be visible for certain users?  You have a  request which is entered by one of your Resources, but for internal use you want to make certain fields invisible to some Resources.

Request Field

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With this workflow feature, you can determine the visibility of a request field by setting the security level and/or role. This is accomplished by maintaining your request field definition in the “Visible” section in addition to setting the visibility by status of the workflow process: New, Open, Approved, Realized, Processed or Rejected.

You may now also set the security level or security role.  With the role selection, you may filter this field by Corporate, Group, Division, Cost Center Group, Cost Center, Reseller or Project.

You may also make the field hidden through the use of a value based upon a field within the request.

To enable this feature, an Administrator will need to be in the Request: Field section of a Request Definition.  New fields will appear on each of the fields in the “Visible” section.

When opening the request, the security level, dependency value and security roles of the user will be checked against the request field setting.  As an example, in case the security level of the user is lower than the security level as defined in the request field setting, the request field will not be shown to the user.  For other users which have the same security level or higher as set in the request field setting, the field will become visible.

The cost for this tool is $955.  An annual Maintenance of $175 is required for this tool. We will include 60 minutes of training / installation assistance with this tool.

A Manual is included will provide guidance with the self-install process and training of staff with this new functionality.  Delivery of this tool will take approximately 7 business days.

This tool requires the addition of the Exact Role – “Enabling Add-On Solutions” for any Resource that is Viewing, Editing or a Participant in a Workflow Request that will be using this functionality. This Role is available at a small cost from Exact Software, and is licensed by individual users. This Role is required for many of our tools and custom applications described on this website.


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