UnitedStatesMagnifyingGlassMapWe have created a tools that includes a Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Report which will allow a Customer Service, Inside Sales Person or other Resource to enter a zip code, select a “Mileage From” value and have a search of your Synergy Enterprise database completed, looking for the closest customers, prospects, suspects, leads, suppliers or resellers.

Each Account type search can have its own unique search page.  If you use the Customer Search Report, you will only view customers.  This SQL Report can be added to your “Favorites” or placed on a hyperlink on a Start Page that you create for your employees.

The idea for this report came from discussions held with other Synergy users at Engage 2009.  One customer was speaking about how difficult it was to find customers that are in close proximity to one another – and the next thing you know – we were developing this tool for Synergy Enterprise.


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This organization needed to direct inquiries for service with their products to a special type of Customer in their Macola ES / Synergy databases.  In the past, finding the closest Account usually meant calling the person back after researching the inquiry.

This was a process that may have taken 15 minutes per incident is now handled on the initial call, often providing the information in seconds.  Today their Customer Service employees enters the zip code and the information required quickly appears while they are on the initial call.

Pricing for this module is $300.  This price includes the addition of these zip codes for the United States and Canada in your SQL database.  Without our custom auxiliary table, this information cannot be provided to your customers.  This table includes 65,550 (plus) US Zip Codes and 918,500 (plus) Canadian Postal Codes.

Services which are not included in the price for this tool includes our staff time modifying the SQL Report (such as adding a parameter to look for only customers or a specific category of customers) and assisting your IT staff in providing the database table enhancements necessary for the zip code files.

Our standard report comes with the Parameters of “Customers” that are “Active”.

Customers have taken the standard report and modified the parameters to allow sales staff to have a look at Customers and Prospects, while Customer Service personnel can only search on customers.

Any changes to that report may be done by your organization’ staff, a Synergy Consultant, a SSRS Report Developer or SynergyExpert.com staff.  We are currently modifying the above report to hyperlink the Account Card directly from the source view.

This cost does not include setting up SQL Reporting Services on your system for the first time user.  If this is necessary, this can be done by our staff at an additional hourly charge.  This tool works for all Synergy Enterprise customers.