We have had a number of inquiries and sales for this tool as system administrators build more detailed workflow requests.

This tool allows us to create a field that is pertinent to a following field.  Based upon the results of this first field, filtering can occur reactively based on the criteria selected.  As an example, you wish to have a user select which Product Assortment that they want their user to select an item from in another search field.  And they want only items that meet the criteria appear in the selection listing.

In this example, we have selected Training as the assortment we wish the Item Search to filter on.

Item Depend

As system administrator, you are trying to simplify the selection lists for an employee to select a value from.  This tool allows you as the System Administrator to use standard Synergy Enterprise browsers or create your own for personalized searches.

For a brochure of this tool, visit our Tools section.  For a demonstration of this tool, please contact me at dkloepfer@synergyexpert.com.