We had customers asking us to make this enhancement.  Their issue was that they did not want some information that one of their Resources had entered in a new request, to be modified when the request was “Open” and it had not advanced to its next status.

In standard Synergy, you have edit functionality when the request field is in the Open, Approve, Realize or Process Statuses.  When a request is created, it automatically is assigned the status of “Open” and therefore information can be modified.

An example of this requirement for one of our customers is when an incoming call for support is entered into Synergy.  When the Resource that is entering the new request, they would enter some information such as the Account Code and Initial Contact person.  When this request was reopened, they did not want to take any chances that the information in these fields might be changed.

Viewing a log file was not acceptable to them.  We needed the ability to eliminate this possibility.  Now when the request definition is created, an extra option is in the “Edit” section.  With our tool, we add a new status – “New” for each of the fields in a workflow request, including all of the fields that are added by our Free Fields Tool.

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This eliminated the issue for our customers.  For more information, our brochure, pricing (and soon to come) – a video, visit the page specific to this tool on our website.  Click Here.





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