Training is extremely important when implementing Synergy Enterprise for your organization.  It is not only how to use the functionality of Synergy, but to assist you with the business process improvements that are possible with this product.

Training is also important to acquaint yourself with new Synergy Enterprise functionality.  You may only be using a small number of the modules currently and why not take advantage of functionality that you already own.

You may be pleasantly surprised by ideas from your employees once they understand Synergy better through training and day to day activities.

You should expect that the training of the Synergy product may be done in stages.  Functionality is reviewed for an project and then completed and the cycle begins again.

We have provided different types of training programs for the Synergy Products and companion solutions (such as the Rules Engine, KnowledgeSync Event Manager or Microsoft SQL Reporting Services) for customers.  In our discussions, we will work with you to understand your requirements and help you plan your next steps.

Rather than rigid class schedules, which don’t work for most individuals, we have structured our training assistance to be dependent upon your specific requirements and time.  Your training requirements can be one of the following options or a combination, it all depends upon determining the best method for your organization:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Individual Training
  • Group Training Sessions

Once we understand your requirements, such as the applications and functionality that you wish to learn, we will provide a quote for our services.  Trainings can run one hour or more, depending upon the content that you wish to cover.  Training can be done on-site or remotely through GoToMeeeting sessions.

Manuals have been or can be created by our organization to share functionality with your staff.   They provide the leave behind during many of our training sessions.