training1Training is the best way for your organization to get more out of your investment with Synergy. From basic navigation to advanced functionality, employees should find easier links to information or processes that they perform daily.

By training your staff in Synergy functionality, they may discover other uses of this tool for the organization.

By adding a few more fields in a workflow request, could that hour long end of the month manual report creation that they do may be eliminated? Or if they use the Project functionality in Synergy, would it help them to manage more tasks with much greater efficiency?

Just having the right tool (Synergy Enterprise) is not enough. Ensure that your employees are trained on its functions and uses. You may be pleasantly surprised by ideas from your employees once they understand Synergy better.

Popular Training Topics

> Synergy Applications
> Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
> Document Management
> Workflow Development
> Project Management
> Item Management
> Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
> SQL Database Management
> Crystal Reports
> Event Manager Queries & Events
> Integration with Exact Software Products