When you first look at Synergy Enterprise, it can look somewhat confusing. Just like when you opened your first set of Legos, wondering what to build. The first question that is often asked is “What can we use Synergy for?

I always suggest taking a business process that may not be working properly or anew process that the organizations has always wanted to utilize, but the project never went anywhere.

In many cases, new Synergy users begin with the requirement of capturing Account information, so that Sales and Marketing departments could do their jobs more efficiently. On the Sales Department, this could mean capturing notes regarding activities (such as call and visits) and the scheduling of future events with them. Sales management may wish to track opportunities in order to assist with the sales budget analysis for the senior management team.

The Marketing department may wish to stay in touch with the different contacts within your customers, prospects and other related individuals. For them, they may want to have an updated database of Accounts / Contacts/ Contact information including e-mails in order to drive future sales.

I have included links on the right column to display some of the functionality of Synergy modules